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These drawers work perfectly for storage under your bed with our platform option. And with a lockable lid, it's also perfect for items you'd like to keep private. Sorry folks, there's not enough usable room under the side rails with our standard rail set-up.

Designed to be used from one side of your bed as a single unit on one side for Queen beds, one on either side for King or CalKing beds (see additional notes on center storage space).


The drawers are 8.5" in height, and 11.18" height overall (including rolling casters)

Lid openings are standard at 20" inward from the from edge, requiring a minimum of 20" of clearance from the side of the bed to open the drawer.

W x D x H Dimensions

32.5" Width x 39.5" Depth x 11.18" H


1 Storage box for Queen beds recommended. Queen beds can accommodate 2 side by side boxes, but note that it leaves no room for nightstands.

King and CalKing beds can accommodate one on either side (leaving 12.25" of space through the center of the bed for Kings, and 8.25" for CalKings).