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The Removable St. Andrews Cross is a popular add-on to the bed frame, allowing you to hang your cross from any top bed rail with ease. Hinged brackets hang over the side bed rails, allowing the cross to hang at an angle with full weight support provided by the bed.

Wheels, positioned on the back of the cross, allow for easy tilting and gliding of the cross on the ground to slide your cross under your bed for easy storage. Available in multiple finishes.

    Key Features:

      • Usable with any bed style and any bed size
      • Easily rests on the Top Bed Rails on the side of the bed
      • The addition of the Optional Closed-Off Footboard Top Rail makes cross usable at the foot of bed
      • Casters are added to bottom of cross for easy storage/gliding of cross under the bed from the front of the bed

    NOTE: It also is available with a leather wrap for an additional charge, which fastens easily to the cross for those who are concerned with the sensation of cold steel on their skin.

    Primary Material" 2"x6" Steel Tubing
    Dimensions: 36" W x 77"H with additional 6.25" from hinged bracket

    NOTE: these are not stock items, and follow our same production timing guidelines. If you're in a hurry, call us, as we may have floor sample inventory on hand.