King Jackhammer Bed (Blue Grey)



This King Jackhammer bed was used at a recent event and was completely stripped and refinished. So this is a brand new bed and ready to ship. Since we prefer to make each bed as it's ordered, we don't like to keep inventory. So we're knocking 20% off this bed.

The bed is equipped with votive lighting, the closed off footboard top rail, top rail restraints, and our blue grey metallic finish.

  • Jackhammer Bed King ($3,595)
  • Top Rail Restraints (+$195)
  • Metallic Blue Grey Finish (+$250)
  • Closed Off Footboard Top Rail (+$175)
  • $4,215 minus 20% = $3,372

Standard Features:

  • Strong 3" Steel Tubing Frame
  • Reinforced attachment points for rock solid stability ("squeak free" and "built like a tank are common references")
  • Lower bed rail height at 8" from the floor, 5" of clearance under lower bed rails
  • Restraint hoops on bottom bed rails (set of 4) double as anchors to keep box spring in place
  • One restraint hoop in each of the 4 corners at the mattress level
  • One restraint hoop in each of the 4 corners at the top of each post

Collections: DungeonBeds Specials

Type: Specials

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