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DungeonBeds Outlet Item - Current Location - Los Angeles Area
King Jackhammer Bed - Available Now

This King Jackhammer bed (image shows queen version without footboard top rail) was used at a recent event and was stripped and refinished in Matte Black. So this is a new bed that is ready to ship now. Since we prefer to not keep inventory in the shop, we've discounted this bed 25%.

The bed is equipped with votive lighting, the footboard top rail, and top rail restraints.

  • Jackhammer Bed King ($3,595)
  • Votive Lighting (+$150)
  • Top Rail Restraints (+$195)
  • Footboard Top Rail (+$175)
  • $4,115 minus 25% (-$1,029) = $3,086


Standard Features:

  • Strong 3" Steel Tubing Frame
  • Reinforced attachment points for rock solid stability ("squeak free" and "built like a tank are common references")
  • Lower bed rail height at 8" from the floor, 5" of clearance under lower bed rails
  • Restraint hoops on bottom bed rails (set of 4) double as anchors to keep box spring in place
  • One restraint hoop in each of the 4 corners at the mattress level
  • One restraint hoop in each of the 4 corners at the top of each post

If you'd prefer to pick this bed up in our LA warehouse, use the code PICKUP at checkout to remove shipping from your cart.