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This exceptionally hand-crafted trunk is framed with the same popular grid pattern from our Dore Alley line of products on all facing sides, and is lined with plate steel along the bottom to create a secure area for storage.

It's a handsome piece to add to the foot of your bed, or elsewhere in your room and serves as the ideal storage area for all of your toys! A small lip provides easy access to lift your trunk lid, and pressurized high-capacity piston arms safely and securely assist to open and close your trunk with ease.

Standard Trunk shown in photo is 3H x 5W x 3D (in the form of grids/squares across, high and deep)

Dimensions are 28 1/16" H x 43" L x 27" D, but other dimensions are available at a lower price point. Low-profile casters, to easily move your trunk, are standard to allow this bad-boy to move in your room.

Other Sizes:
2H x 5W x 3D = 20 1/16" H x 43" W x 27" D

2H x 5W x 2D20 1/16" H x 43" W x 19" D

2H x 4W x 2D20 1/16" H x 35" W x 19" D