We utilize a linear approach to production ...
Orders are placed via our web site, or via a purchase order (for orders that come from a retail partner) with bed design, style, bed options, bed size, finish color and any additional "custom items" that may be required (to be verified and approved prior to any start of work). A follow-up email is sent (typically within 24 hours) for any new bed builds confirming new customers have read our terms and conditions prior to moving the order to Stage 2.
Project ID/Order # is assigned and project is entered into our production queue. Project specifications are then reviewed, as many customers do ask for modifications (shortened length, moving an item slightly, etc.). Any order that falls outside of these basic customizations will be quoted for feasibility and pricing in advance of work commencing. Once orders or special requests are evaluated and confirmed, materials are ordered, cut lists are generated, and parts are cut to begin the production process.
This is typically the longest stage of the process, as an order waits for a fabrication table to become available. We have a fixed number of tables and production team members. Once a table is assigned, your order begins assembly according to the specifications provided.
Once produced, items are assembled on a flat surface to verify alignment. First quality control (QC) check is completed. If QC requires adjustments, items are returned to the table and the QC process begins again.
Order is finalized, and prepped for offsite release to powder coating (or any special finish requested). Finish is applied.
Orders are given another QC inspection for final finish. Items are assembled (if required) to be certain no coating materials are present in threads or assembly points.
Once final QC is complete, items are wrapped and shipment tracking paperwork begins with our external logistics partner.
Customer contact information is shared with our shipping company, and the shipment is scheduled for pickup. Upon pickup and BOL sign-off, your product is released to the shipping company, who fully insures the value of your order. Tracking information is shared with customer and the order starts its journey to its new home (tracking details will provide estimated delivery date). Once the shipment arrives into the local market area of delivery, the shipping company will contact and coordinate with the customer directly to arrange a date, time and delivery window that's suitable to the customer's schedule. Unless it's a smaller UPS/USPS shipment, orders will not simply arrive without a confirmed appointment. The shipment is the responsibility of the shipping provider until the BOL is signed-off by the customer. Check your shipment carefully before signing the BOL. Our shipping email to you provides detailed instructions on this process.

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