Privacy Policy

Urban Steel Designs, Inc. Privacy Principles

At Urban Steel Designs, Inc., we respect the privacy of our clients. Our Privacy Policy governs the collection, use, retention and security of information gathered from our customers.

We do not disclose any personally identifiable information about our customers to outside third parties, except to our shipping partner (for fulfillment purposes) and as required by law or legal process. Personally identifiable information means information that individually identifies you, such as your name, address, email address or phone number.

Urban Steel Designs, Inc. collects general contact information about its customers during the membership registration process and asks permission for additional contact with that customer in the form of newsletters and/or internally managed promotional notices. Some of this information is required for membership to our site, but the customer is always able to decline to provide this information and choose NOT to become a member of our site.

What does Urban Steel Designs, Inc. do with customer information?
Urban Steel Designs, Inc. does not disclose a customer’s personally identifiable information to any outside third parties (except for shipping purposes) or other customers without the express consent of that customer in advance. We will not sell, rent or use your information for third-party promotions or offerings without your express consent in advance.
Urban Steel Designs, Inc. respects your solicitation preference. We honor requests to be excluded from marketing solicitations. To be removed from our mailing list, simply go to our Contact Us page and submit an email to us with your email address in the body of the email for removal.

Urban Steel Designs, Inc. Provides security safeguards to protect respondent Information. We use advanced eCommerce technology and information management techniques to implement security, audit, and control programs designed to protect your data. In addition, we protect the privacy of information sent to and from our web sites and use specific controls designed to identify and authenticate all our online customers and prevent and detect unauthorized access to our web site. This Privacy Policy is effective as of October 1, 2017.

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