DungeonBeds Customizations

Please don't ever be afraid to ask for a customization to your order. We don't have every possible bed configuration on this site just sitting here in a warehouse...each bed is made to order. As a result of that, we can modify any order to suit your specific needs.

What's more, we know very well that everyone has their own unique style, so if there's a style of bed that you'd like us to build that you're not seeing on our site, throw that our way too.

This business was built on listening. Seriously, it was. Our very first order was taken at the counter of our original retail store with a piece of paper and a pencil. And that underlying thinking has lived with us and continues to make this company grow. New ideas based on imagination, or experience, is what continues to make our product the best on the market.

Oh and all of our products are built to last. This isn't throw-away furniture. On that you can depend.

If you'd like more information on some of our more typical customizations, what they mean, and how you can configure your bed, just go to our Bed Configuration Guide.