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Bed Configuration Visual Guide

Bed Configuration Guide

How do I customize my bed?

Standard Options:

  • 14 Gauge Steel Tubing Frame
  • Restraint D-Rings on All Four Top Corners
  • Restraint D-Rings on All Four Corners at Mattress Level
  • Reinforced Bed Frame Attachment Points
  • 4 Restraint D-Rings Along both sides of Bottom Bed Rails
  • 5” of clearance under bottom bed rails (can be raised/lowered upon request)

Additional Options:

  • Votive Lighting
    • Available for all beds except The LoadingDock Bed and the Naked Bed. For the Folsom and SilverLake models, Votive lighting is added to upper bed rail just above the headboard pattern.
    • Prices are based on Full, Queen or King/CalKing Size (2" Clear or Frosted votive glass available for an additional charge)
  • Top Rail Restraints
    • Can be added to top rails for any bed style and bed size.
    • Adds 4 Restraint D-Rings along both sides of Top Bed Rails (in matching position to standard Bottom Bed Rails)
  • Top Rail Crossbars
    • Available as solid plain bars, or in hammered decorative material (strength remains the same).
    • Requires the addition of Top Rail Restraints to your Top Bed Rails
    • Can be added to Any Size Bed
    • NOTE: individual bars are not chin-up bars and not meant to support the weight of a person...grabbing hold for support or for a lift is fine but we do not guarantee them to support an individuals weight for prolonged use! They should be used collectively to distribute the weight when supporting a sleep-sack!
    • Each bar comes with removable caps for easy install and removal.
  • Portable St. Andrews Cross
    • Usable with any bed style and any bed size
    • Easily rests on the Top Bed Rails on the side of the bed with locking pin to secure it
    • The addition of the Optional Closed-Off Footboard Top Rail makes cross usable at the foot of bed
    • Casters are added to bottom of cross for easy storage/gliding of cross under the bed from the front of the bed
  • Sling Extender Bars
    • Requires the addition of Top Rail Restraints to your Top Bed Rails
    • Usable with any bed style and any bed size
    • Easily attaches to end of Top Bed Rails for use
    • Removable, and tuck conveniently under the bed when not in use
  • XL Sling Extender Bars
    • DOES NOT require the addition of Top Rail Restraints to your order, since the restraint points are added to the extender bars themselves
    • Usable with any bed style and any bed size
    • Easily attaches to end of Top Bed Rails for use, are removable, and tuck conveniently under the bed when not in use
  •  Hanging Shelf
    • Usable with any bed style and any bed size
    • Easily slips over side bed rails and slides along felted inner lining, stores easily under bed when not in use
    • Usable with Top Rail Crossbars, but will not slide when the crossbars are in place
    • Additional Restraint Hoops/D-Rings
      • Can be added to any bed style and any bed size in any locations desired (ask if you would like to know of common placements by other customers
      • Requires instructing DungeonBeds during the checkout process, in the “additional instructions” field, to contact customer directly for placement location of D-Rings. Or email us a PDF with desired location(s)
    • Closed-Off Footboard
      • Can be added to any bed style and any bed size
      • A top rail is added to the top of the footboard to close it off across the top (similar to the look of the headboard. The standard design of all beds leaves this portion of the footboard open)
      • Prices are based on Full, Queen or King/CalKing Size
    • Under-Bed Cage Assembly
      • Can be added to any bed style and any bed size
      • Bed rails are raised to a standard 24” height to allow room for a cage underneath (custom heights are available by request)
      • This is a platform bed set-up and is included as part of the pricing - so no need to add the platform option to your order (NOTE: a mattress AND boxspring setup is not recommended with this option due to height issues). Just as a platform set-up bed, additional bed slats will be added to support your mattress. We lower slats for a ½”+ plywood base (not included) to be added on top of the bed slats to support your mattress
      • Plate steel can also be added and used to support the mattress in lieu of wood (for an additional charge) to provide a more complete and secure “cage” environment. Screws are included with plate to secure it to the surface.
      • Prices are based on Full, Queen or King/CalKing Sizes

    What are the bed finishes like?

    DungeonBeds Standard Finish
    Our standard finish option is a powder coating process where a layer of specially treated pigment in the form of a dry powder is applied to the steel surface and then super-heated, undergoing a chemical reaction as the temperature rises. The resulting finish when the powder melts is a hardened solid-colored surface. Powder Coating is more ecologically friendly, and also creates a much more durable surface that is less-easily scratched and chipped (although please note that chipping and scratching can always occur from sudden impact, sharp objects or regular use of your bed). Our standard black finish is a 20% matte finish. All other colors, including the raw clear coat are a semi-gloss (60-90%). Standard finish colors are selected at the time of order while custom colors must be noted in the additional notes section of the shopping cart during the checkout process. Custom colors MAY incur additional charges.

    Chart of Standard Finish Colors

    Black (20%) T002-BK08
    Bronze (50%) T025-BR01
     Red (90%) Red T009-RD01
    Yellow (90%) T009-YL01
    Blue (90%) T009-BL01
    Green (70%) T007-GN16
    White (90%)
    Raw Brushed Steel (90%)

    The Finish Process
    The original raw color of the 3” steel tubing we use is gunmetal gray. Before any bed is coated, it is cleaned of all dirt, grease, and residual oil on the metal surface through a fine sandblasting of the metal surface. The surface is then brushed free of any particles and any remaining moisture is dried. From here the bed parts are fully coated with the powdered pigment of your choice in the form of a thermoset polymer. Once coated, the parts are placed in a large industrial oven for processing and baking. The coating is then heated to 400+ degrees fahrenheit for 10-15 minutes. During this time, the thermoset polymer undergoes a molecular change. It does not just melt and then dry again, but rather, changes at the molecular level, each particle forming molecular bonds with every other surrounding particle to form a single seamless shell surrounding the metal frame. The shell is allowed to cool and is then removed, completely sealed from the elements. We allow 24 hours for the items to completely set, after which they are fully inspected for quality. They are then sent for packaging in preparation for shipment.

    What are the bed sizes?
    We offer Full, Queen, King and CalKing bed sizes. The following guide provides measurements:

    Our Standard Bed Frame Sizes (Assembled):

    Bed Size  Bed Width Bed Length Bed Height
    Full 55 1/8" in. 82.5 in. 80 in.
    Queen 61 1/8" in. 87.5 in. 80 in.
    King 77 1/8" in. 87.5 in. 80 in.
    CalKing 73 1/8" in. 91.5 in. 80 in.

    Standard Bed Frame Parts (As Shipped): Our standard beds ships in 9 pieces

    • [Qty 2 Pieces] The Headboard and Footboard pieces follow the height and width measurements above, and are ~6" deep at their widest points where the bed rails attach to the bed (at the top and bottom).
    • [Qty 2 Pieces] Standard Top Rails are 3"x3" pieces, ~81.5" in length (Cal King= ~84" and Full= ~72.5")
    • [Qty 2 Pieces] Standard Lower Bed Rails are 3"x3" pieces, ~80" in length (Cal King= ~83" and Full= ~71")
    • [Qty 3 Pieces] Standard bed slats are made from 1"x1" steel and vary in length based on the size of your bed.

    Beds are shipped blanket wrapped by our delivery provider, with a protective foam layer wrapped around the surface of your bed pieces. For more information on our delivery process, go to our shipping page.

    What are standard mattress sizes?

    Industry Standard Mattress Dimensions:

    Mattress Size  Mattress Width Mattress Length Mattress Thickness
    Full 54" 75" Varies
    Queen 60" 80" Varies
    King 76" 80" Varies
    CalKing 72" 84" Varies

    What is the CURRENT lead time?
    While the majority of our products are standard in design, each is made to order based on the design you choose, its size, and any additional options you have chosen to add to your order. We take care in hand crafting your items, and that care shows in the quality of the finished product that arrives into your home. Custom designs and modifications are always available and welcomed, but require a consultation with one of our design experts to determine the specific needs and the feasibility of the project. All consultations are free of charge.*

    Our Ordering Process
    The moment an order is placed with DungeonBeds, it is placed into our production queue to secure a production slot (learn more about our production process). Changes to the original order can be made up to 14 days after the original order date. If the order is placed online, you will receive an automatic confirmation from us about your order within 24 hours of receipt of payment. Phone orders will receive a digital receipt and confirmation by email from our register.

    Please allow 2-3 days for order processing plus standard lead times noted for your item.

    NOTE: We are currently in a busy period with a high volume of orders in our production queue. New order lead times are based on your secured position in our production queue and are presently averaging 10-12 weeks from the time of payment, but may be longer based on the specifications of your order, or the orders ahead of yours. We always try to get product done sooner, but not at the expense of quality*. Check this page regularly for updates, as we adjust our production queue based on order volume and production workflow.

    *Please be aware that we make every effort to deliver ahead of schedule, but we are a team of craftspeople that puts quality as priority #1, and at times, schedules do push longer due to unforeseen circumstances during production. Delays are not always predictable and we do our best to keep you informed when they do occur. If we experience an extensive change in delivery time, we will reach out to you in advance so you can plan accordingly. But rest assured, your hand crafted bed will be worth the wait. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or concerns and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

    Customer Notifications
    After receipt of your order confirmation, you will typically not be contacted by DungeonBeds again until your order is getting close to shipping (unless there is a significant change less than or greater than the current lead time). This contact will usually come in the form of an email which will include shipment details, your shipment tracking number, a link to the shipment tracking site, and specific instructions on how to inspect your packages and sign-off with the delivery company (please be sure to adjust your email spam filters to allow email communications from

    Important: Orders with Retail Partners
    Orders placed with our authorized resellers are entered into our production queue upon receipt of a confirmed purchase order AND approved payment arrangements from that retailer. If you have questions about a confirmed order, please contact the original retailer for details about your order and timing first. If you contact us and we have no record of your order, it is likely we have not received it from that retailer. * All drawings and schematics become the property of DungeonBeds.
    What size T-Shirt will fit me?

    T-Shirt Size Chart

    Men/Unisex Shirts

     Shirt Size Chest (inches) Waist (inches)
    Small (S) 34-36 30-32
    Medium (M) 38-40 32-33
    Large (L) 42-44 33-34
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