It’s one of those bittersweet moments that at first shocks you to your core - seeing the ashy remains of someone’s home from the fires that raged through the Santa Cruz mountains last summer (2020) #CZUAugustLightningComplex. But to then see the charred remains of one of our bed frames, still standing amid the rubble - well that just runs right through you. I still cannot fully explain the emotion of when I first saw the image. And then trying to put it in the perspective of the actual person who experienced it firsthand...unimaginable. “Unbelievable,” “WTF,” “Oh My God,” are just a smattering of words that popped into my head, along with of course, I hope that everyone in the fire got out ok - and they did!

“Save what you can from it, and keep the scars of the fire on the finish.”  - SMASH WOX

We posted about this bed last summer on our Facebook page (see before photos), and shortly thereafter began conversations with its owner, Smash Wox, about refurbishing the bed frame that he held so dear. It carried happy memories for him...and was among the few items that he managed to salvage from the ashes. Most would have said, just get a new one. But no, this bed held strong, and was still structurally sound. Sure, there were ballooned posts and bent rails where debris had fallen during the fire, twisting them from the straight lines they once held to unrecognizable curves of steel. But after a first hand assessment of the frame, we collectively made the decision to refurbish and restore. And so we did.

The primary frame, headboard and footboard were intact. The bed rails and slats needed replacing. The sling extender bars also needed replacing, as they had become fused and bent as well, since they were still in their original position on the bed frame at the time of the fire. Smash Wox‘s primary direction, “Save what you can from it, and keep the scars of the fire on the finish.” So we sandblasted the frame, replaced the necessary posts and rails that were out of alignment, made replacement pieces for those that did not make it, and the result is shown in these after pictures.

It took us some time to get the project completed, as Smash Wox was in no hurry, we had some extra steps to plan out, and on top of everything else, were in the middle of a worldwide pandemic - and still are! But the bed is alive again - a unique, one-of-a-kind. And it now has a black finish that coincidentally looks like black leather - we couldn’t replicate it even if we tried. It’s been sent back home to its owner, awaiting a home that is presently being planned for construction in its original location.

Thanks for bringing this project to us Smash Wox. It further solidifies and truly epitomizes the tagline we created from the very start: BUILT TOUGH TO PLAY HARD.