Bed Installation Guide

How do I assemble my bed?
Standard Bed Setup Instructions:
Please read all of these instructions prior to starting your installation. If you have any questions, please contact us at (415) 551-2337.

Preparation Instructions

Please be careful when moving bed parts, as these beds are made of steel, which are bulky and in some cases very heavy. Before installation or moving of any parts begins, be sure to have the following:

  • This is not a job for one person. We strongly recommend that this bed be installed by at least two persons.
  • Your standard bed should include: one headboard, one footboard, two bottom rails (part with steel plates at both ends with three drilled holes), two top rails (part that is a hollow square tube with two holes drilled at both ends), and three steel slats (thin steel rails with small extension pieces on the ends)
  • Your bed includes a packet of 16 - 3/8” bolts and 8 - hex set screws (a 1/8" hex wrench is required). Wrench not included.
  • You will need a 9/16” wrench to tighten the 3/8” nuts for the lower bed rails (7/32" hex wrench for models built btwn 2012-2014). Wrenches not included.

Installation Instructions

  1. Carefully remove all foam and packing material from all bed parts, being careful not to scratch the bed finish with any sharp instruments.
  2. With the help of another person, carefully place the headboard (the heaviest piece of the bed) against the wall where your bed will be located, being careful to slightly lean the bed against the wall and leaving the headboard several inches from the wall (you can adjust the location of the bed later). One person now needs to remain with the headboard, holding it in place while the other begins the process of piecing the bed together.
  3. With one person holding the headboard in place, the other person now needs to attach the bottom bed rails. The restraint hoops on the bottom rail should be to the outside position (on the left outer side for the left rail and on the right outer side for right rail).
  4. Working one rail at a time, carefully align the end plate of the bottom rail against the screw plate at the foot of the headboard. Begin screwing-on the four (4) 3/8” bolts to the screws that attach the bottom rail to the headboard, there are two bolts on the bottom and two on top. IMPORTANT: Fasten ALL the bolts to the screws ONLY 50% tight - do not tighten the bolts all the way just yet. Move on to the second and final bottom rail and repeat step 4, tightening all four (4) bolts only 50% tight. You are now ready to begin attaching the footboard to the bottom rails.With all persons standing to the outside of the bed rails (not in the center area in front of the headboard), carefully assist your helper, gently releasing the headboard and allowing it to lean slightly forward away from the wall toward the front of the bed, being ready to grab the headboard if it leans forward too much.
  5. With ALL of the bolts on, and partially tightened as outlined in Step 4, the headboard should comfortably lean and not fall forward, being held in place by the 8 bolts/screws and steel face plate. If it appears the headboard is leaning too much and you are not comfortable moving forward to the next step, repeat Steps 3 and 4, making sure the bolts applied in Step 4 are tightened more than they were tightened in your previous attempt. Otherwise, proceed to Step 6.
  6. Utilizing your helper, carefully move the footboard into position with the screws facing inward toward the headboard. Carefully move the footboard to the ends of the bottom rails, aligning the plates on the footboard closely to the bottom rails’ steel plates. With your helper holding the footboard in place to prevent it from falling, begin lifting one of the bottom rails up. It may be heavy, and you will notice that the headboard will lift up as you lift the rail. Align the steel plate into the steel plate fitting of the footboard so the screws pass through the rail’s holes and attach the bolts to the bottom rail, being careful to tighten them at least 50% tight as you did in Step 4. Repeat this step with the other side and attach the remaining bolts, again, tightening the four (4) bolts only 50% tight. You are now ready to attach your top rails.*
  7. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Locate your two top rails. Carefully look for the location of the two drilled holes on either end. The side with the drilled holes is the bottom side of the top rail. NOTE: This part of the installation absolutely requires two persons. With each person taking hold of a top rail, with the bottom of the top rail facing down, both persons need to carefully and simultaneously insert the top rails over the protruding sleeve at the top of the headboard. Be sure to push the top rail completely over the sleeve so the edge of the top rail is snuggly against the headboard. While still holding the top rail firmly against the headboard, bring the other end of the top rail close to the sleeve fitting at the top of the footboard. You’ll notice that the rail has no way of fitting over the sleeve in its present state. NOTE: This is why the bolts on all four bottom rails are not tightened completely during installation, as you're spreading the bed apart to insert the rails onto the sleeves. Now carefully push the top rail toward the headboard so it begins to push toward the wall while simultaneously and gently pushing the footboard away from the headboard (be careful that your top rail does not slide off of the current sleeve of the headboard). The footboard sleeve is now pushing away from the remaining opening at the end of the top rail to allow you to fit the footboard sleeve into the top rail opening. When both sleeves are in the ends of top rails, bring the headboard back into its forward position and push the footboard toward the headboard to create a snug fit for your top rails into the sleeve fittings.
  8. With your helper keeping an eye on the top rails to insure they are locked in position, begin tightening ALL the bolts on each of the four corners so they are completely tightened.
  9. When all four corners are tightened on the bottom rails, align your top rails so they are flush to the outer posts (this may require a simple tap against the outer side of the top rail with your hand or a rubber hammer). Begin screwing-in the two (2) set screws on each of the four corners. Tightening these screws will “set” your top rails with the sleeves from the headboard and footboard, creating a snug and locked fit to your bed. Make sure the alignment is how you like it before tightening all the way.
  10. Finally, take your bed slats and place them securely in the square notches along the bottom rails. This is your box spring support. After placing your slats in place, your bed is ready for its box spring and mattress.Carefully remove all foam and packing material from all bed parts, being careful not to scratch the bed finish with any sharp instruments.
  11. Sling setup…well…we’ll leave that to you, as well as what comes thereafter! Enjoy your bed!


* PLEASE NOTE: occasionally customers encounter problems aligning the bolts into the holes of the bottom rail plates. If this occurs, it is likely due to either the alignment of your bed or and uneven floor or surface where the bed is being assembled. Look to make sure that the bed is being is aligned squarely at all corners and that the floor is as even as possible. This will ensure that your rails align properly in the holes of the steel plates. If you continue to have problems, please call us for assistance.