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TRR Sling Extender Bars serve the same purpose as our standard Sling Extender Bars, but with the added flexibility to:

1.) allow customers to order their DungeonBed top bed rails without the Top Rail Restraints(TRR) attached permanently to their bed. We attach the rings to the removable Sling Extender Bars instead. This maintains the ability to hang a sling at the foot of the bed, while at the same time, keeping the top rails clean and free of top rail restraint points when not in use;

2.) or expand the use of beds previously ordered without the Top Rail Restraints option. There's no need to swap-out or add new Top Rails with the restraints if you previously ordered your bed without them! These TRR Sling Extender Bars will fit on your DungeonBed's top bed rails and allow you to fully hang your sling for use at the foot of your bed!

Simply slip the extender bars over the ends of the bed's top rails, insert 2 locking pins into each bar, and you're ready to take your sling from the center of the mattress to the foot of your bed. Sling Extender Bars provide an extra 24-27” of additional length at the foot of your bed.

Key Features:

    • DOES NOT require the addition of Top Rail Restraints to your order
    • Usable with any four-post bed style and any bed size
    • Removable, and easily attach to the Top Bed Rails for use
    • can be tucked conveniently under the bed when not in use

TRR Sling Extender Bars are 67" long overall, adding 24" of length at the foot of your bed to extend your play area.

NOTE: these are not stock items, and follow our same production timing guidelines. If you're in a hurry, call us, as we may have floor sample inventory on hand.