Dore Trunk | 3 x 5 x 3 Version



One of our team members mistakenly produced a 3x5x3 version of this trunk, instead of a smaller version for one of our customers.

We caught the mistake during final QA just before the trunk was supposed to go to powder coating. So we have a brand new unfinished trunk on our hands, and you can select the final finish color (just allow us 10-14 days for final powder coating).

It's a handsome piece to add to the foot of your bed, or elsewhere in your room and serves as the ideal storage area for all of your toys! A small lip provides easy access to lift your trunk lid, and pressurized high-capacity piston arms safely and securely assist to open and close your trunk with ease.

Standard Trunk shown in photo is 3H x 5W x 3D (in the form of grids/squares across, high and deep)

Dimensions are 28 1/16" H x 43" L x 27" D, but other dimensions are available at a lower price point. Low-profile casters, to easily move your trunk, are standard to allow this bad-boy to move in your room.

The main 3 photos show the unfinished product. Another image is of a black-finished version as a reference only to show what a black version looks like.

Since we do not like to keep inventory, we are marking this piece down by 10% from $2,495 to $2,245.

Collections: DungeonBeds Outlet

Type: Furniture