Custom Naked Bed - Platform Style



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This customized platform-style queen size Naked bed was made for one of our customers who unfortunately had to move during production and could not accept delivery of their new bed. So this is a brand new bed that is ready to ship. Since we prefer to make each bed as it's ordered, we don't like to stock inventory. So we're knocking 10% off this bed.

The customization was simple, the platform option, lower profile top rails, as well as adding two additional horizontal rails to the headboard pattern across, similar to our Loading Dock design - with a custom Matte Black finish and matching and modified TRR extender bars.

  • Naked Bed Queen ($2,395)
  • Platform Option (+$275)
  • Matte Black Finish (no charge)
  • Modified Low Profile Top Rails (no charge)
  • Modifed TRR Extender Bars (+$649)
  • Additional Headboard Horizontal Rails (+$200)
  • $3,519 minus 10% = $3,167

Standard Features (images shown may differ):

  • Strong 3" Steel Tubing Frame
  • Matte Black finish
  • Reinforced attachment points for rock solid stability ("squeak free" and "built like a tank are common references")
  • Lower bed rail height at 15" from the floor, 12" of clearance under bed rail
  • Restraint hoops on bottom bed rails (set of 4) double as anchors to keep box spring in place
  • One restraint hoop in each of the 4 corners at the mattress level


Type: Specials