NOTICE // September 2021

Steel prices have gone up more than 200% since March 2020, and shipping costs have risen nearly 25% on average.

In that time, we’ve held our prices and have had numerous sales to help our customers buy their dream bed. But as much as we truly hate doing this, we’ve had to make a difficult decision regarding prices. Starting 9/15/2021, we'll be adding material cost surcharges to all of our furniture prices - to offset a PORTION of these market-driven costs.

We’re calling this a surcharge because we don’t want to make it a permanent change. We’ll continue to evaluate what's happening with our suppliers, and may reverse these modifications as market conditions change. We only hope that steel prices flatten, to avoid any additional adjustments. Unfortunately, there’s no definitive timeline as the steel supply is not something we can control - and market fluctuations take time to make their way down the funnel to the steel suppliers we use.

Let us know if you have any questions.