Our New Fabrication Studio

Our New Fabrication Studio

October 24, 2017

For many years it's been our dream to step outside of our comfort zone and take this business to the next level. As many might know, we've relied on steel fabrication partners in our 15 years of business to make the products we've dreamed-up.

To be completely honest, many were crooks, stealing our ideas, throwing our production process into chaos, knocking us down and essentially challenging our strength to push forward. But there were a couple of good eggs along the way - you know who you are. And the ingenuity, education and strength that my father passed down to me, as well as my financial commitment to this "idea," was unstoppable. The sheer will to make this business grow, and incorporate the principals of integrity, hard work and goodwill to my customers forged on. I trusted that my principals would be acknowledged along the way, and that my legacy as the original maker of these quality products was forever intact.

So with this next move, a substantial one that I am very proud of, I'm happy to announce the opening of our very own fabrication studio in Southern California. The site will be a fabrication & design studio with a small showroom (by appointment only). We are taking full control of our workflow by bringing production in-house, which has the added benefit of allowing us to venture more freely into new projects, and new ideas for the future.

Thanks to all of our customers who got us here. We truly value your business.



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