Welcome to the DungeonBeds blog, BOUND, which we've rebooted and migrated over from another platform. We felt limited by the previous solution, which also appeared to have a number of issues that we could not resolve, so we picked up and moved it within our existing ecommerce partner platform. Upward and onward.

We welcome feedback, so please don't be shy. Look for new improvements and enhancements, including new pages where we'll be posting updated content by customers and our editors/contributors.

What Can I Find on This Blog?

Stories. We listen to our customers, welcome their feedback, listen to their stories, and share them with the public whenever we can. It's this customer interaction that helped us develop this company in the first place, and has helped us over these many years, refine and enhance our product lines as we move forward. So don't be shy, we love hearing from everyone.

Gallery. What better way to illustrate how amazing your products are, than through the excitement and anticipation your clients experience firsthand. We share our photos, you share your photos, and collectively, a gallery is formed that shows the environments where our products come to life - to inspire the imagination and visualize what you yourself can create within your home. NOTE: we don't show nudity or action shots on this site. There are plenty of other places on the web for that.

New Products. As noted before, we innovate through our experiences, and through the experiences of our customers. There are times when we get the jump on a new offering with something new and fresh, but there are also times where our customers "suggest" product that they would like to see in our lineup. Sometimes it's something we can jump on fairly quickly as a general offering, other times, it may be a one off product that isn't ready for prime time. And then of course there are items that we absolutely love, but need a bit more research and/or engineering time to align the offering to our overall mission with the quality and design our customers expect of us. Patience is a wonderful thing, as we hate to disappoint.